Best Portable Golf Cart Heater – Top 3 Heaters to Stay Warm on the Course

image of a golf cart heaterOne thing we know for sure is that die-hard golfers will golf as long as there is no snow on the ground.  I know this to be true because I live in Wisconsin and will get out there any chance I get!

Playing golf in less than ideal temperatures is just part of the things for us golfers that don’t live in warm weather states.  However, there are things we can do to help make it more enjoyable by staying warmer during the round, helping you survive til you reach the 19th hole 🙂

Having a portable golf cart heater will help keep hands and feet warm, resulting in a more enjoyable round.  In this review, we will share our top 3 golf cart heaters with you to help you make an informed decision.  One thing you can count on is that our website will lay out the best options in regards to models, effectiveness, and budget.  Let’s get to it.

Top 3 Portable Heaters For Golf

Mr. Heater MH4GC Portable Golf Cart Heater

image of a mr heater golf cart heater

This is the #1 selling heater you can take on the go for golf, and for good reason.  This little unit comes with loads of features, making it a great solution for golfers looking to stay warm during their rounds.

This portable heater features a wind-resistant burner and pilot system, so even in windy conditions, or while you are driving, it will still provide maximum heat output.  It comes with an easy-to-use ignition switch; simply push and hold the ignite button and you are set.

This Mr. Heater unit also comes with a safety tip-over switch so it will not keep running when tipped, however, it does not shut off when riding on a bumpy path or off the cart path.  For even more safety, this portable golf heater comes equipped with an oxygen depletion sensor so you can be sure you are enjoying safe heat.

The icing on the cake?  It comes with a cup holder adapter, so it will sit in just about every golf cart cup holder on earth, making it easy to place and sturdy as can be.  This is a great product for golfers.

Other Features

  • 4,000 BTU’s (5.5 hours run time)
  • Oxygen depletion system & tip over switch
  • Wind resistant protective screen
  • Ergonomic carrying handle
  • Uses 1lb propane tank (sold separately)
  • Heavy-duty wire guard
  • Large radiant heating surface

If you need a portable heater for the course you cannot go wrong with the Mr. Heater unit.  Click here to read more reviews, and feel free to contact if you have questions.


Heater Craft G200x Golf Cart Heater

image of a heater craft portable heater for golf
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This electric heater is small in size but packs a great punch and puts out a great amount of heat.  The Heater Craft G200x puts out approximately 4,500BTU’s of heat and requires no additional fuel to operate.  You simply mount the unit on the cart and it uses the battery to keep you warm in those less than ideal golf temperatures.

This unit comes with a universal mounting bracket, making it a very versatile on-the-go heater.  After researching more thoroughly, this heater does require a little bit of technical know-how to install, which makes it a little less easy to use than units like the Mr. Heater.  Another complaint owners have displayed is that it only has a single heat setting, meaning you have no control over how much heat comes out it is either on or off.

Overall, it is still a very good unit because it will ultimately keep you warm while on the course.  Click here to read more reviews of the Heater Craft G200x.

Other Features

  • Item Weight 3.3 lbs
  • Ultra-compact
  • No fuel required – saves money over time
  • High heat output – great for cold weather golf

There is no doubt that the Heater Craft G200x can keep you warm on the links, however, probing for more information has shown that the unit can be challenging for some to mount.  The reason it makes our top 3 list is that there are not that many dedicated heaters for golf, and ultimately this heater will help to keep you warm.

Climate Caddy In Cup Heater (by Cleveland Golf)

climate caddy portable golf heater from cleveland golf
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Cleveland Golf is a household name in the golf industry.  Their electric Climate Caddy Golf Cart HeaterHandy helps you extend your season by providing a steady flow of warm air to your cart.  This heater has no complicated mounting procedures, you simply place it in the cup holder like other propane models.  It is small and lightweight and offers more climate control features than other heaters.

This portable golf cart heater draws its power from the golf cart battery, you simply clip on the 2 alligator clips and you are good to go!

Another great feature of this unit is that it can be used in warm weather too, as it has a fan that uses no heat and provides you with a nice flow of cool air on those warm summer days, making it the most versatile heater on the market.

Other Features

  • 48 Volt PTC heaters produce 100A+ warm air output for maximum heat on cold days
  • The unit also acts as a fan to help keep cool on warm weather days
  • Silent whisper fan provides distraction-free air flow
  • Bi-level venting system helps you pinpoint the flow to exactly where you want it
  • Easy placement as it slips right into the cup holder
  • No reliance on fuels or battery as it draws power from the golf cart battery
  • Come with a handy carrying case

Truthfully, this unit is the most versatile heater out there.  It does retail for around $300 making it a bit more expensive, however, with no additional fuel cost, it is a better long-term solution.  Click Here to read more reviews about this product.

Top Portable Golf Cart Heater – Closing Thoughts

Unlike other niches within the golf industry, there just aren’t that many GREAT options when it comes to heaters for the course.  All of them have their advantages and disadvantages, but we dug deep to deliver 3 viable options to you.

At this point, the decision is yours to make.  You need to weigh your options and decide what features are most important to you.  As usual, if you have any questions about anything you have read here feel free to drop us a note and we will promptly reply.

Enjoy the links!

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